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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Eclipse from a Twilight Non-Fan

Okay, so, I'm not the biggest Twilight fan. Actually, I'm not a fan at all. I used to be a Twihard, I'm not afraid to admit that, but now, yeah, not so much.

Anyway, I always make sure to watch the Twilight movies. For me, I thought the first two were a good laugh. My friends and I just could not stop laughing at them. However, when we saw ECLIPSE a couple days ago, we were impressed. Honestly.

I didn't realize when we saw it that it had a new director, so I expected it to be just as bad as TWILIGHT and NEW MOON, but it wasn't. It thoroughly exceeded my expectations (though I'm not sure if that's because I didn't have high expectations or because Taylor Lautner was shirtless like, half the movie). Edward and Jasper still looked constipated, Bella still never smiled and had the most embarrassing moments, there was most definitely a LOT of dramatic standing, however, I somewhat liked it. David Slade, the director of this one, made it very easy to understand even for those who hadn't read the book (as proved by my friend, who for the purpose of this post we shall call T) and I felt like there were some scenes that were, actually, shot beautifully. Like the meadow scenes. Wow. I didn't remember envisioning the meadow that breathtaking, and I don't remember it looking like that in the last two, but maybe that's cos my friends and I didn't pay much attention to them.

So much was different in ECLIPSE. Edward and Bella were less awkward around each other, and I believed their relationship much more. The vampires weren't pale to the extreme like they had been - I mean, they still were, just not as bad as they used to be. And holy craplets were the werewolves hot. I mean, wow. Seriously. Not just Jacob, either! Just about all of 'em. Which, of course, made us very happy. *drools* Wait, where was I...?
Right. Anyway.

The movie was pretty dark in some parts. Not gothic like Tim Burton (who, by the way, I LOVE) but darker than the first two. Especially the fight scenes. Damn, those were cool. And unique. There is a level of violence, though - like, I wouldn't recommend showing this to your five year old kid. But, the fights and violence was executed tastefully, not like the massacre they could have made it.

Once again, I'll tell you guys that I don't like Twilight in the least. Yet, I thought ECLIPSE was not bad. Good, even. So what does that tell you, hmm?

Oh yeah, and if you want any more information about ECLIPSE, you can go to MTV's website where they have a bunch of links and articles relevant to it. You can see it here.


Chelle said...

Ok, I'm really glad you (a non-twihard) enjoyed Eclipse. I'm going tonight with my husband who would rather committ suicide than watch it. Hopefully he'll be able to endure it! Plus, he owes me big time for all the stupid things I go see for him! =)

The Golden Eagle said...

Since you're not a fan (I'm definitely not a fan) then I might go see this, if it's "good". I didn't like the last two . . .

Vicki said...

Well, that certainly gives me hope. I wonder if this'll turn a few heads of fans of the previous movies, or if they'll be just as clueless as ever. I must admit, seeing previews of the wolves has made me guiltily consider going. Still, I'll probably resign myself to renting it after it comes out, but maybe not so secretly this time ;)

iamjenai said...

loved Eclipse, the director made it sooo good. :)


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