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Saturday, July 10, 2010

A Guest Post From Brent!

Hi there!
So, I’m Brent, and I blog over at Naughty Book Kitties. I’ve stolen Alice’s blog for the day so don’t tell on me (or I’ll shank a bitch)!
Anyways, I’m here to blog about some pretty sexy characters whose d’s I’d totally s. (Omg, did I say that?! Yes, I did. If you are a prude, you bettah march yo’ ass up outta here.)
First up, Emmett Cullen from Twilight!

Honestly, just look at that picture. DAMN! The first thing that comes to mind is, “Lower, Emmett. C’mon! Lower!!” LOL. Seriously. I mean, those hip bones of his are flawless! And look ‘at those cheek bones. Shoooooot, girl. You know I be hittin’ Emmett up. And, besides his sexiness, he’s actually very witty. I love hot, witty boys. ;)
And next, Jace from City of Bones!
Jace. Is. Hot. That’s all there is to it. Though, Cassandra Clare writes him as straight, I suspect he’s actually very homosexual. Poor Clary… What’s she going to say when she finds out Jace is cheating on her with me?! Who gives a shit. Not me! I’ll be totally busy with (insert *Dammmmmmmn look at that ass* here) Jace. I also find it very attractive that he’s a Shadowhunter/warrior person. Shooooot, girl, he can save me from Demons any time.
And saving the best for last, Damien from House of Night!
Damien is just so cute. Him and his intelligence. :) He uses all these big words and shit; and he always knows da' plan (for ‘em House of Night kids). And he’s just soooooooooo cute. :) I lovey-dovey him. And plus, look at those tattoos of his. Gorgeous, right?
Well, that’s about it!! I could go on and on about sexy characters, but I have to go! If you want some more of my cussing/book reviews/contests/cussing some more/hot gay boys, come see me at Naughty Book Kitties. And a big XOXO to Alice. Seriously, Alice is one of the sweetest bloggers I know. :) I’m so lucky to call her a blogging friend. :)


**This post made me completely crack up :) Brent is hilarious and very sweet! So you guys should all go check out his blog!


Brent and Emily, The Naughty Book Kitties said...

Love it. ;)

XOXO Alice!!


Hawk said...

I'll take an order of Emmett on a platter.

I'm glad you stold her blog. It made my day :D


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