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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Covers of the World (1)

You know how every blog has a few features that are used only for their blog? For example, Steph at Steph Su Reads has a feature called Cover Lust, which is where she showcases a lot of gorgeous covers that she loves. Kristi at The Story Siren has her Books to Pine For posts, and Katie at Sophistikatied Reviews has her Fan Art Fridays...I just thought I'd make one of my own!

Being an international blogger definitely impacts me a lot. One thing I've noticed about blogs over the years is that the covers that are posted in reviews and such are the US covers - you rarely ever see covers of other countries! And living in Asia, sometimes the covers of the books I buy are different from the ones in the US. I thought I'd pick a few covers from all around the world to show you guys how different some of the covers are, and how beautiful some of them are!

So, this week, I'm going to show you guys the German covers of one of my absolute favorite series, Vampire Academy. Here are the US covers for the first three books:

Now here are the German covers (in order):

Aren't those gorgeous? I'm in love with the one for Frostbite!

What do you guys think of this new feature? Should I continue?

P.S. I've decided that I really like this idea, but I'm going to change it a little from this post - I'll just post one or two covers at a time, because that way if I want to write some thoughts at the bottom, my posts will still not be too long. Sound okay to you?


Carin said...

please do keep it up! I love covers and I find international ones pretty interesting.

Tynga said...

I really love to see internationnal covers! And I <3 VA very much!

I came by with The Saturday Network!


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